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“LIVESTRONG at the YMCA” is a partnership between Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG Foundation and the YMCA of the USA.  YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly is thankful to be part of this nationwide movement that helps cancer survivors reach their health and well-being goals.  On Saturday, September 24 we hosted a wellness retreat for a pilot group of nine local cancer survivors as part of the “LIVESTRONG at the YMCA” program. The group enjoyed a day of fun and fellowship, information and inspiration that included workshops, discussions and other activities to integrate the body, soul and spirit in pursuit of wholeness. In a non-clinical setting, participants were able to share and reflect on their personal experiences, discussing life’s hardships (and blessings) with other survivors and creating a sense of community.

LIVESTRONG notebooks, bracelets, and t-shirts for participants

In additional to spiritual encouragement in the form of prayer, meditation, and worship, several guest speakers also provided educational opportunities:  A representative of the World Laughter Tour taught the group about the physical benefits of laughter, while  a local Oncologist shared information from around the world about lifespan, health, happiness, and other themes from The Blue Zones.  Participants enjoyed crafts, stories, and songs, and even a guided nature hike where they were able to explore the Assembly’s scenic trails and the inspirational beauty of God’s creation.

Interpretive Nature Hike, led by Montreat College Outdoor Education professor

It was our goal to nourish the hearts and souls of these survivors and create the foundation for which to lead a long and happy life. We celebrate the opportunity to have been a part of this experience. Many thanks to all of the participants, local leaders, and Blue Ridge staff who helped make this day a success! We look forward to hosting more LIVESTRONG events in the future to help cancer survivors grow in mind, body and spirit.

Also coming up at YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly…

Join us on Wednesday, November 2 for a “LIVESTRONG at the YMCA” Benefit Concert!  Come out and show your support for this wonderful mission and the LIVESTRONG program at Blue Ridge Assembly.  Michael Kelly Blanchard, nationally-known contemporary Christian artist, will warm our hearts with his songs and stories. Tickets will be $10 at the door (cash or check only), and 100% of the proceeds will go to benefit cancer survivors in our local community. Find more details and RSVP here.

Michael Kelly Blanchard, performer at the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly "LIVESTRONG FOR THE YMCA" Benefit Concert

For more information on the life-changing impact of “LIVESTRONG at the YMCA”, check out this promotional video or contact YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly Chaplain, Owen Lovejoy at olovejoy@ymcabra.org.


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